My name is Alyson Khanna and I am the Lead, Hair/Makeup Artist behind Award-Winning Jacque James Portraits.  I was born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida and grew to love the Cosmetology industry through the influence of my mom and five aunts!  I always watched, with admiration, when any of these six women would style their hair and put on their makeup.  One of my aunts opened a hair salon and when I was ten years old, I started working there for fun.  I've always been into art and creating fun color palettes.  When I was a little girl, I doodled faces and then colored them in with real makeup.  

It has always been my philosophy that a woman's skin should be in optimal health prior to applying makeup.  With that philosophy in mind, I decided to complete aesthetic school (2002) and then began my professional career with MAC in 2008.  Since then, I've held a handful of positions in the Cosmetology field (mostly specializing in makeup) up to and including management level opportunities. Of all the things that the Cosmetology world encompasses, I love makeup and hair styling the most.  I derive such joy from watching my clients react to how differently I can make them look as compared to their everyday go-to makeup and hair habits.  I have worked with some very high-profile clients and yet, whether the client is a celebrity or a stay-at-home mom, I get the same level of satisfaction out of working with each of them.  

Throughout my career in makeup, there were often times when specific colors and textures I desired were not available so in early 2005, I decided to start developing my own line of makeup.  You can find my brand, Eyecon, by clicking HERE. Or you can check out my Facebook page by clicking HERE.

I've worked side-by-side with Jackie at JJP for three years now and every day is better than the last.  I guarantee your Boudoir experience with Jackie and I will be like no other photographic experience you've ever had because the two of us genuinely love working together and interacting with our clients.

In addition to working with Jackie, I also freelance (mostly large bridal parties and as a one of the resident artists at the Maralago Club in Palm Beach) on the weekends.

When I'm not at the studio, or freelancing, you can find me spending quality time with my husband, Chris and our daughter, Reese.  They are the two most important people in my life and every minute I get with them are my most cherished ones.

I look forward to meeting you soon!